Black Sons, White Privilege, Ferguson, and the Gospel

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white privilege

The following is a guest post by Pastor Jeremy Haskins

“He is my son!”

The man behind the counter felt my anger. I stood beside my black son as the man had rolled his eyes and glared at my son with disgust saying, “I can’t do anything for him without his parents.” I was there to sign him in for a birthday party at a kid’s recreational place. There was no mistaking his racial contempt (I saw it all too often in my rural hometown) as he began ranting about those people who would just dump kids off. I quickly interrupted him and said, “He is my son!”

I’m white. Two of my sons are black. One of my white sons walked in later, not even on the party list, and strolled right by the desk without being asked to sign in at all. It seemingly did not matter whether he had a parent with him or not. I could cite countless other examples. Being the white dad of white and black sons has allowed me to unmistakably witness that people treat them differently because of their skin color. We have many humorous stories about our transracial family but we also have too many that evoke tears not laughter.

My wife and I have worked hard to communicate that all our kids have the same rights and privileges in our family. We believe the truth that, by faith in Jesus Christ, we are adopted into a family called the church. In God’s family, no matter your skin color or background, you are granted full rights as a child of God. We believe such multi-ethnic love is a visible display of the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our desire is to reflect this Gospel reality in our home by the way we treat our kids. We are also abundantly thankful that our kids are growing up in a church full of diversity where this reality is being fleshed out.

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